Welcome to Fourways Action Sports Arena

Home of the Fourways Falcons and the North Western Gauteng Phoenix

Experience the thrill, energy, and camaraderie that have revolutionized indoor sports. At Fourways Action Sports Arena, the intensity and passion to win and have fun are palpable. Our arena is not just a place for games; it's a community where athletes of all levels come together to push their limits and enjoy the spirit of competition.


Action Cricket, Action Netball, and Action Hockey

These sports are the fastest growing social activities in South Africa, and for good reason. At our arena, the excitement is contagious as both seasoned players and newcomers engage in high-energy matches. Whether you're sharpening your skills or just looking to have some fun, Fourways Action Sports Arena is the perfect venue for all.

Action Cricket

Step into the pitch and experience the fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping world of Action Cricket. Perfect for cricket enthusiasts who crave a dynamic and engaging version of the classic game.

Action Netball

Join the court and be part of the thrilling, fast-moving Action Netball games. Ideal for those who love the agility and strategic play that netball offers, now with an added burst of energy.

Action Hockey

Feel the rush of Action Hockey, where every game is a test of speed, skill, and teamwork. Suitable for hockey fans who want to experience the sport in an indoor setting.