Action Cricket is one of the sports that we have to offer that lasts for approximately 70 minutes. What makes Action Sports even better, we don’t have to worry about the weather. With our facilities we can play come rain or shine, all because it is indoors. We have many ways to play our sports and these range from Kiddies to Socials, Corporate to League and all the way up to National level.
Join a team, register in a league or just come along for the social environment and watch sports on our huge TV's. Book for casual games too! We can also take bookings for once off or regular private competitions.

After that workout, top up on the refreshments to replenish that lost energy. Socialise with your team-mates and opposition in a friendly environment. It is well worth it.

"But I'm not that good:" I hear you say. Have no fear, we have leagues ranging from the Superstars all the way through to the guys or girls that have never even held a cricket bat. We cater for all shapes and sizes.


You bat in pairs, each pair face 4 overs each. Everyone has to bowl 2 overs each. If you are out you do not leave the court, each batting pair bats the full 4 overs. Every time you are out your team loses 3 runs from the total runs. No less than 6 players per side can play, if you have less than 6 players, your team forfeits the game (Teams must consist of 8 players or more)